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It is our obligation to assist the client to translate this vision into reality with simplicity, elegance, clarity and within the right context.

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El-Mansur Atelier Events & Visits

01.JBT Aerotech, U.S.A.

JBT AeroTech U.S.A.

02.ATG Visit

ATG Visit.

03.Jigawa State Airport

Jigawa State Airport.

04.ACI, Brussel.

ACI Brussel

05.ACI, Cote d’ivoire.

ACI, Cote d'ivoire.

06.ACI, Denver

ACI, Denver

07.ACI, Hong Kong

ACI, Hong Kong



09.ACI, Luxor.

ACI, Luxor

10.ACI, Dallas.

ACI, Dallas

11.ACI, Mauritus.

ACI, Mauritus

12.ACI, Mozambique.

ACI, Mozambique

13.ACI, Tunisia.

ACI, Tunisia.

15.ACI, Zambia.

ACI, Zambia

16.ARFF Trucks Inspections.

ARFF Trucks Inspections & Delivery

17.ACI, Australia.

ACI, Australia

18. Dutse Commissioning.

Dutse Commissioning

19. LSG Commissioning.

LSG Commissioning

20. LSG-Luanda.

LSG-Luanda Facility Tour

21. RICS.