Google Companies That Folded or Flopped: Loon, Sidewalk Labs LIST

Waymo, Alphabet’s self-driving car project, has labored for more than a decade to develop fully autonomous vehicles. While it began as a part of X, the self-driving car unit spun out into its own business in December 2016. Waymo partnered with Lyft on a self-driving ride service in the Phoenix area.

While Waze would remain an independent entity, its social features, such as its crowdsourced location platform, were reportedly valuable integrations between Waze and Google Maps, Google’s own mapping service. Before 2015, there was no Alphabet, and Google Inc. was a publicly-traded company that you could directly own by buying its shares. In 2015 Google transformed into Alphabet, where Alphabet Inc became the top parent company that was publicly traded. Google Inc. shareholders became overnight Alphabet Inc shareholders. As you can see, Alphabet and most of the other big US corporations do not disclose its full list of subsidiaries but only the “significant” one.

  • The new entity was to be structured in a way that Page and Sergey Brin hold the majority of the voting rights, without the majority of the stock.
  • “As we look to the future of the furniture industry, we recognize the importance of the role we play in changing consumer mind-sets around used furniture.
  • Analysts estimate that YouTube generates enormous revenue, but Alphabet has yet to reveal the service’s financial performance.
  • But consider that Microsoft trades at 27 times estimated earnings over the next year, roughly double its multiple back in 2014, when Satya Nadella became boss.
  • They imbued this thought process into their company’s DNA, making Google a fount of innovation within Silicon Valley, where innovation is a byword instead of a buzzword.
  • The roles were reversed after a placeholder subsidiary was created for the ownership of Alphabet, at which point the newly formed subsidiary was merged with Google.

Calaxy Former Penn football star Solo Ceesay W17 and Brooklyn Nets point guard Spencer Dinwiddie are bridging influencers and audiences by launching the first fully integrated creator network. Calaxy is an “open social marketplace” where athletes, celebrities, fans, and content creators can connect virtually. The app uses blockchain technology for secure direct messages and live video calls. Fans can also purchase Creator Tokens that score them access to exclusive features such as jam sessions, personal training, and Cameo-style shout-outs. Ceesay and Dinwiddie have raised more than $33 million and garnered support from NFL running back Ezekiel Elliott and NBA coach Luke Walton.

To be sure, some of the tech giant’s risky bets are still promising. Self-driving car company Waymo has continued to gather momentum, while life sciences division Verily has found a new purpose during the pandemic by offering screening and testing services for COVID-19. Alphabet, the multinational parent of Google and Google subsidiaries, was created through a restructuring at Google in 2015. In recent years, Alphabet and other tech giants have come under regulatory scrutiny in the U.S. and abroad for possible breaches in user data privacy and security.

Key acquisitions

And Alphabet enables Larry and Sergey to pursue solutions to myriad problems without being confined to one particular industry or one sector of the economy. Entrepreneurs create new businesses, taking on all the risks and rewards of the company. Learn about the challenges facing entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship. But many of Alphabet’sattempts at innovation have, in fact, flopped. The company’s attempts to reinvent itself as a hardware and Internet of Things player have also come under constant scrutiny by the media and Wall Street.

companies under alphabet

Google-parent Alphabet announced today it will allow users to create and use passkeys on their personal Google accounts. The stock has struggled on the charts of late, turning in six losses in the last seven sessions. The research being done has been kept fairly hush, but we know researchers are looking at things like genes that correlate to longer lifespans in certain people. The project is run by Calico, a company under Alphabet, that stands for California Life Company.

Another reason behind the transformation was obviously limiting risk. By separating Google into different companies, each one of them is independent of each other. If something bad happens in one company, the others would be protected from it.

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As the company continues to grow, its divisions are shifting around — the latest being Jigsaw, a technology incubator that’s reportedly been swallowed by Google. Google finalized its acquisition of Looker in 2020, leveraging its capabilities through the Google Cloud service. At Google Cloud, Looker helps customers accelerate their ability to analyze data, deliver business intelligence, and build data-driven applications. Looker, founded in 2011 by Lloyd Tabb, helps companies to easily extract and analyze data.

companies under alphabet

The company, which focuses on cybersecurity testing and cyber-incident response, will be folded into Google’s cloud computing business to help better secure cloud data. Alphabet Inc. was originally founded as a search engine company in 1998 under the name Google Inc. Since then, Google has become the world’s most popular search engine, owning 92% of the global search market.

A wearable that tracks your health for clinical trials

Project Loon, a former X “moonshot” that is now an independent business, has a mission to bring web access to two-thirds of the world’s population using internet-beaming hot air balloons. In October 2015, Alphabet, Inc. officially became the parent company of Google and several former Google companies under alphabet subsidiaries. The search engine giant’s two co-founders remained as controlling shareholders, board members, and employees of Alphabet. YouTube was founded in 2005 by three former PayPal employees who believed that ordinary peopled would enjoy sharing their homemade videos online.

companies under alphabet

In the past seven years, the conglomerate has diversified far beyond Google. If the deal closes, it will be the second-largest acquisition in the company’s history—behind only Motorola Mobility, which it purchased in 2012 for $12.5 billion. Google expects the deal to close by 2023—assuming it gets shareholder and regulatory approval.

Wing was the first drone delivery company to receive certification from the Federal Aviation Administration. The certification enabled the company to operate as an airline and has since performed over 300,000 deliveries across the US, Australia, and Finland. Doctoroff is an American businessman and urban planner who once served as the CEO of Bloomberg L.P.


This didn’t help its operating expenses, which rose across the board in Q1. Google’s Alphabet announcement provides an example of these five principles in action. Page and Brin are challenging the assumption that one big company operates more effectively than many smaller companies. Each of the companies under Alphabet is freed up to be run by strong leaders and pursue partnerships that might otherwise been in conflict with the Google mothership.

Google Fiber

The company’s chair defended the moon shots to investors at the shareholder meeting in 2015. The company now runs a lesser risk of antitrust violations and is also better able to account for income streams from various subsidiaries. Tony Fadell, the former Apple engineer who co-founded Nest Labs, left the company the following year, after many months of rumors about Nest’s tough working environment. Smart-home device company Nest Labs was sucked back into Google, along with AI research lab DeepMind Health. A damning report from Motherboard in 2019 exposed a toxic work culture inside the company, with female employees being subjected to sexist remarks and discrimination. The situation was so bad that several employees left the company, citing its culture as the reason.

But, with results ho-hum for now, it’s an easy pleasure for both management and investors to dream of AI gains just around the corner. Twitter was not among the five tech companies subpoenaed in the probe over free speech issues. With layoffs all over the news in recent months, these figures aren’t likely to reflect those changes, as the company works through their cuts in the early part of 2023.

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